Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do I change the grades on my transcript?

I dropped out of college and have 4 W's on my transcript but my parents don't know and they would freak out if they did. My mom wants an unofficial transcript from the school website but it has the W's on it. Can I change it by copying it and using Word or wordperfect to change the W's? how do i change it?How do I change the grades on my transcript?
do a print screen, and edit it in a photo editing program. i've done similar things before, it's not that hard. print it out and show your mom! :)How do I change the grades on my transcript?
well first of all dont do that its illegal and you can face some serious fines.
If your parents are paying for your college, don't lie. Show them your transcript.

If you are footing the bill all by yourself, it's none of their business anyways.

Either way, don't lie.
You would not have to put up with it now if you had told the truth. Do not tamper with your transcript. Do not deceive your parents./

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