Monday, June 6, 2011

How to convince my teacher for a better grade?

So basically, my spanish 3 teacher is giving me 5 minutes after school tomorrow to give her a good reason why she should change my grade from a D to a C. Please give me ideas on how i should state my argument, so far im thinking about telling her in spanish to impress her.

But my argument so far is....

Mrs._______ i know i should not be comparing myself to other students but this seems very unfair to me that's why i've come this far to have my grade changed because i care. But for example I don't understand how ______ got a C and i didn't, first of all he never takes notes, he always sleeps and eats, you've caught him cheating on a test, and for the four part final he gave up on the oral part and got way too many mistakes on his writing portion when i got a C-B on it, and for the song _______ only sang one line while me and my other partner sang the whole song. I would always ask my table members around me for help so i can do my best on the warm ups. Overall i tried and put good effort and i hope that you can see that if you haven't. I feel so confident that i deserve a C that i brought you the grade change form.

Is that good? give me your opinions or any other suggestions.How to convince my teacher for a better grade?
do you know spanish i can translate it for you if you don't also i think that is very good

I Mrs._______ sabe que no debe comparar a m铆 mismo a otros estudiantes, pero esto parece muy injusto para m铆 por eso he venido hasta aqu铆 para que me cambiaron de grado, porque me importa. Pero, por ejemplo, no entiendo c贸mo ______ obtuvo C y no lo hice, en primer lugar nunca toma notas, siempre duerme y come, que ha cogido copiar en un examen, y para las cuatro 煤ltima parte se cedi贸 en la parte oral y tomaron el camino de demasiados errores en la parte de escritura cuando recib铆 una CB en ella, y de la canci贸n _______ s贸lo cant贸 una sola l铆nea, mientras que yo y mi otro socio cant贸 la canci贸n entera. Yo siempre le ped铆a a mi los miembros de mesa a mi alrededor en busca de ayuda para que yo pueda hacerlo lo mejor posible en el calentamientos. I En general juzgado y poner gran esfuerzo y espero que usted puede ver que si no lo tienen. Me siento tan seguro de que me merezco una C que te he tra铆do el cambio de grado de forma

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